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Evaki Imports

Premiere wine importation and brand management

Build a successful wine brand with the experienced professionals of Evaki.

Established in 1997, Evaki Inc. is a California-based importer that specializes in the importation and distribution of wine, beer and spirits.

From start to finish, Evaki can handle all of your brand development needs.

Fully licensed and insured, Evaki's years of experience has led to a highly effective, streamlined process by which wine brands are developed, sourced, packaged and brought to market. The end result: An exceptional private-label wine that is of excellent quality, value and taste for your consumer.

Evaki's proven history of successful private-label wine branding and retailing stems from years of being in the business, growing and cultivating long-standing, mutually-respectful relationships within Evaki's global winery and supplier network.